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Titanium is very useful, and has splendid characteristics.
But it is necessary for fabrication of titanium to accumulate the technology and knowledge.
We add the inspiration to the accumulated technology and knowledge, for high level customers.

gEne-Aceh (registered name) is the YAMAICHI original brand heat exchanger. And gEne-Aceh is extremely energy saving and economy.

gBiclerh is the compact double wall tube type heat exchanger.
And gBiclerh can heat or cool very quickly.

gTita-chillerh (registered name) is high efficiency and compact cooling unit. @

gEnermanh is safe and economical automatic boiler type heating unit. @

And adding to the above products, YAMAICHI can manufacture original monuments.

product list

Heat Exchanger

Shell & Coil type Heat Exchanger Type CA

The characteristics of gEne-Ace type CAh are high efficiency heat exchange and low cost.

Shell & Coil type Heat Exchanger Type CB

The characteristics of gEne-Ace type CBh are high efficiency heat exchange and low cost.

Shell & Flexible Coil Type Heat Exchanger

The characteristics of gShell & Flexible Coil Type Heat Exchangerh are high efficiency heat exchange and low cost.

Shell & Tube type Heat Exchanger UT Type

"Ene-Ace UT type" is high performance equipment.

Double Tube type Heat Exchanger

Suitable for quick heating or cooling.

Throw-in Coil type

Shows Titanium power in severe condition.

Throw-in Coil type (Special Order-Made type)

Saving energy by Hot Spa Temperature.


Heating Unit

Cooling Unit "Tita-Chiller"

High Performance Cooling Unit with many characteristics.

Heating Unit "Enerman"

Full Automatic Boiler Type Heating Unit

Titanium Monuments

Titanium Monuments

Simple and strong. There is a Sense of Art

Titanium Products

Titanium Products

Variety of needs proceed the technology


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