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Titanium@is well known as ga practical metal which is very difficult to fabricateh. So, it is important to prepare good equipment for titanium fabrication.
YAMAICHI has prepared good equipments. By these equipments and our technology, we are confident on delivery time, quality and quantity for fabrication titanium.
Please look at a part of our equipment line up.

Our Equipment
Name of Equipment [J[ @ Capacity Number
Numerical Control Lathe Turning Machine Yamazaki Mazak/td> QT-35N-U, etc. 400U~1042,etc 3
Table Type Horizontal Boring Milling Machine toshiba-machine BTD-200Q/td> X=1000,Y=800,Z=700 1
Vertical Type Machining Center Yamazaki Mazak AJV60/80, etc. X=2000,Y=1400,Z=508 etc 3
CO2 Laser Equipment panasonic YB2512-LS3T2/td> 1.5Kw,9~1219~2438 2
Wire Type Electric Discharge Cutting Machine JAPAX, etc. LDM-50, etc. 3
Pipe bender. taiyo, etc. TB-GM-35, etc. 34Ӂ~3.2t, etc 8
Pipe automatic welding machine ASTRO-ARC@CO. E-200-T4, etc 3
TIG Welding machine panasonic YC-500TWTP-3, etc 13

Additionally, we have many kinds of machining equipments such as lathe, milling and drilling machine.

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Equipment of YAMAICHI YAMAICHI corresponds to wide range of titanium fabrication by line up of equipment.

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