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On Privacy Information

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1. Name of the responsible company for privacy information


2.On the privacy policy

YAMAICHI Co.,Ltd (hereinafter YAMAICHI) will observe laws and ordinances related to privacy protection and protect privacy information. This is the base of the business and social responsibility.
YAMAICHIfs policy on privacy information is as follows.

3. Purpose of using privacy information

(1)Privacy information of customers
Privacy information of customer(s) is used for the purpose listed below.
But each time, the purpose is clarified and used within the limit of previous approval of customer(s)
for the purpose of :
*supply the product information including catalog, service and/or plan to customer.
*Supply or install YAMAICHIfs products to customer.
* supply the after service and/or maintenance of YAMAICHIfs products.
* study on the service, customer satisfaction, new product development of YAMAICHI products and services.
*supply the periodical information such as male-magazine, pamphlet, direct male
* emergency contact to customers
* reply to the customerfs question, comment and request
On the privacy information which collected before 1st xxx 2000,
The privacy information which was collected before enforcement of privacy protection law will be considered the same policy as above.
When you do not agree to the policy, please contact to the question in item No.9

4. Safety policy of Privacy information

YAMAICHI treats customerfs privacy information carefully.
YAMAICHI takes the safety manual in order to prevent unjust access, loss, damage, destruction, manipulation, a leak, an unjust outflow to outside the company

5.Non- Supply the information to the third party

Privacy information will not be disclosed or supply to any third party except following conditions.

*In case of customerfs approval.
* In case that individual customer is not clarified by the information.
*In case that operation(s) is asked to the special company (In this case, the asked company is severely selected.)
* In case that YAMAICHI send the estimation, plan and product drawings to the related company who operates a part of purchase, installment.
* In case that YAMAICHI is ordered by the law.
* In case that it is necessary and emergency to protect human life and property. And also, it is difficult to get the approval of customer(s) in a short time.
* In case that national and/or regional government request by the law, and it might be some problem by receiving customerfs approval.

6. Usage of Website

The third partyfs website which will be accessed from this website is independently operated and controlled by their rules.
Therefore, YAMAICHI cannot have any responsibility on them.

7. Disclosure and revision of privacy information

When you want to disclose or revise your privacy information, please contact us.

8. Change of privacy policy

Privacy policy may change when it is necessary.

9. Question

When you have any question on the privacy policy, please contact to the following address.

.(Phone) 098-381-2234
URL: http://www.yamaichi-net.co.jp/



Please ask us any questions you have.

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