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Terms & condition of this website

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This website is operated and controlled by YAMAICHI Co.,Ltd (afterwards YAMAICHI) or its agent

Please read the following carefully. Your use of this site is expressively conditioned on your acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

This site, and any of each of its modulus, together with the arrangement and compilation of the content found in this site when they have their own terms and conditions, please proceed after agreement of each terms and conditions.
The trademark, logos, service marks, sentences, designs, photos irustrations, charts, drawings, movies, pictures, music, voices, software, computer programming, data-bases, and the data in this website are all considered as the contents above.

Use of this site

(1) Looking at and/or copying of any parts of the website for personal use are free.
Some of the parts are not able to be printed.

(2) Down loading any parts of this website is available only for personal use on your computer. When there are special terms and conditions in each parts, please follow these terms and conditions

(3) Who wants to copy, change, analyze, upload, present, send, distribute, transfer, lend, approve of usage, sale, publish, export, and to use for sales activity and/or to use for any profit must receive YAMAICHIfs previous approval in written form.

Forbidden Items

When anyone uses the website, the following items are forbidden.

(1) Execution of Infringement or Suspicious of Infringement

(2) Execution which gives or suspicious to give Disadvantage(s) and/or Damage(s) to YAMAICHI or third party.

(3) Execution which violates or suspicious to violate the common social rule.

(4) Crime or Execution which relates or suspicious to relate crime.

(5) Statement or report of false.

(7) Disgrace the honor or reliability of YAMAICHI or third party.

(8) Use or supply of harmful program such as computer virus or suspicious Execution.

(9) Breach of the law(s) or suspicious to break the laws.

gLINK to this websiteh

(1) When you want to link this website, please contact us through gContact us Pageh.
Please fill in your company name, URL into the gInput formh
We will return the answer.
Please consider that we accept you link only when you receive our approval. When you do not receive our return to your request, we do not accept you link yet.
(3) Where to link
Please link only to the top page of this website
Please do not link to the other page, it will make troubles.

(4) Name of our company
Please use YAMAICHI Co.Ltd., Yamaichi Co.Ltd., YAMAICHI or Yamaichi for our company name in the form of TEXT.
Please do not use LOGO and our trade mark. they are not allowed to be used.

(5) For the details of Link, please contact us. We will inform you the detail forms.

(6) Forbidden links
The links as follows for example are strictly forbidden:
œThe links which slander YAMAICHI, related companies, directors, staffs, products and/or services of YAMAICHI groups.
œThe links which damage the reliance of YAMAICHI and its groups.
œThe links which is illegal or suspicious to be illegal.
œThe links which is relating illegal activities or suspicious to be.
œThe links which includes illegal contents, or suspicious to be illegal.
œThe links which uses the flame
œThe links which will make misunderstanding as if the contents of YAMAICHI are not YAMAICHIfs or suspicious to be.
(6) In any reason, when you become the condition which you will (can) not follow this Terms & condition for this website, please stop to link.

About this link site

The contents of the link site which links to this website are owned and controlled by the third parties. YAMAICHI and related companies are not responsible on the contents of them.

The linkage to this website does not mean that YAMICHI recommends the products, services or company(s). There are no special cooperation between YAMAICHI and Link Site.

On the personal Information

Please refer gThe privacy policyh for protecting customerfs privacy...

A trademark and a copyright

Names, trademarks, logos, service marks,(hereinafter gtrademarksh) are basically owned or used by YAMAICHI and/or related company(s)

Also, there are many gtrademarksh of the third party(s).

Information in this website is protected by the laws.

The usage (copy, change, upload, disclose, mail, distribute, sell) of information in this website for the purposes beyond the private use of non-commercial is gIllegal acts such as copyright infringementsh.

There are contents which customer may download. YAMAICHI does not transfer or approve any rights on the contents.

Without written approval, or without approval by this terms and conditions, the usage of any gtrademarksh and/or contents in this website is strictly forbidden.

On the Information of products

Specifications have a case to revise without a notice.
Color and feeling of the website have a case to be different from the actual products. Please confirm by samples.

Limit of responsibility

YAMAICHI pays full attention for the contents of this website, but YAMAICHI does not guarantee whether the contents fit customerfs purposes and usage.

Also, YAMAICHI does no have any responsibility on customerfs damage by using or being not able to use this website
YAMAICHI may change the contents of this website without notice, and also YAMAICHI may stop the operation of this website without notice.
YAMAICHI has no responsibility on any damage by change or stop the contents of website.

On this gterms and conditions of this websiteh

YAMAICHI may change the terms and condition of this website. Changed website is effective at the starting time. Please confirm if the website is not changed. Customers are considered to agree the revised website by using it.

Governing law and Competent court

Usage, understanding and application on this website are within a limit without the rule that the other step established elsewhere, are applied by Japanese law.

When any the troubles on this website happen, within a limit without the rule that the other step established elsewhere, Ogura branch of Fukuoka district court is considered as an exclusive jurisdiction court of law of a first instance.


When you have any question(s) on the terms and conditions of this website, please contact us by the form in the question page.


Please ask us any questions you have.

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